Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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Monday, June 25, 2007

It's been a while...

What has happened since April 23...

Angiogram #4 happened during our visit to Cleveland. The cardiologist found that the secondary blockage which was found following the initial stent placement was due to one of those stents being placed improperly. The blockage was not cleared, and I'm still living day-to-day with a 100% blockage of my left anterior descending artery. He recommended being seen by a vascular medicine specialist (a hematologist). We spent the month of May and most of June waiting for BlueCross/BlueShield to approve a new referral, and now have an appointment for July 3. There will probably be no more procedures, just a determination of the best drug and diet therapy for the future. I have been feeling good and cardiac rehab is going very well.

We are having a boy! A sonogram on May 1 revealed (in a rather obvious way) that we are indeed going to be blessed with a big brother for the remainder of the Slagle kids. I now have go-karts to build and hunting trips to plan!!

We spent a week of vacation in Nebraska at the beginning of June. It was relaxing, and a great time just hanging out with friends and family. We also camped in the Thousand Islands region of NY over Memorial Day weekend and spent a weekend in the Finger Lakes National Forest.

Michelle's stomach continues to grow at a prodigious rate. We'll take another pregnant pic for the series "Pregnant in B&W" soon, it will be posted to I'll also try to post more prego Michelle pictures to satisfy those whining of not enough photo coverage (Dana!!!)

For those of you in NV, you'll have the opportunity to see the belly in person, as Michelle will be visiting from July 17-31. I'll be joining her for the weekend of the 28 and 29 to attend Cassidy and Erin's wedding.

I think that about does it (congrats to you if you made it through this entire post!)