Thursday, October 19, 2006

Living through the storm

The beauty that once was our neighborhood is no longer. The beauty of fall seems to have vanished in the midst of the events surrounding October 12th. There are changing colors, but, sadly, the branches are broken and lie on the ground, though many branches remain attached to the trees that they once inhabitted. The trees have undergone much destruction and it is a wonder if our neighborhoods will ever be restored. The wreckage remains. Some were without electricity for days and others will remain without electricity until Saturday, sources say. Our water supply was deemed unsafe, and boiling has been advised.

We were fortunate enough to regain power 36 hours after the storm. It is amazing what a blessing electricity can be, when such a service ceases one realizes they have taken it for granted. Many in our area have been reaching out to one another. God bless Buffalo and the efforts of the lovely people from Pennsylvania who have been our help in time of need. The Lord has been faithful and protected us through the storm.


-Dave said...

Glad you came through it okay. We lost power at our apartment randomly one night during this summer. For an hour or so, my roommate and I both sat up hoping the power would return (I, because my alarm clock had no battery). It was nice and peaceful, but I wouldn't want to go a day and a half without it.

Travis and Michelle said...

Yeah, power is a convenience we have grown ever so accustomed to. It was great to have silent time. Travis and I woke up very early the morning after the storm and the lack of electricity allowed us to be still and lift our voices to God without any distractions whatsoever. The lack of a means of refrigeration was the most trying aspect and perhaps having no means of cooking. It was definitely a blessing to have a couple of friends who never lost power. We hung out with them pretty much the entire day. While we don't have family here, which seemed to be where most people without power were flocking in their time of need, we realized that God has provided many friends and a church family that loves us. We were thankful that they invited us to store some of our treasured perishables until we regained power.