Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What today brings...the things I heard!

This morning. 8am. Listening to the heartbeat of our precious little baby (whom we can't wait to meet!) was incredible. Apparently the baby's position was perfect because it was loud and the nurse found it before she could finish preparing us not to freak out if it took a while or if she was unable to find it at all. Amazing! Hopefully the baby has a ticker that is just as strong as his/her father's, Travis has wonderful heart function despite his recent heart attack. Wow. I don't think I can ever forget that sound (Travis and I keep making the sound to each other)!

This afternoon. 4:15pm. Hearing my boss tell me that I am an unreliable employee. Having to sit there while she faulted me, in every category except for conduct with employees and interaction with the clients, for my absenteeism on account of my husband's health and that my behavior would not be tolerated. Unbelieveable! Perhaps God did for me what I could not do for myself. It will be hard to forget the harshness in her voice, when all I ever did was strive to work hard there as a nutritionist. I just wanted to make a difference with the clients and help them make changes that would impact their health for the better.

The events of today were far more surprising than I imagined. It was even nearly 60 degrees and sunny all day! The best part was heading to a funky, hip district in Buffalo for dinner with my husband to talk about today and how our time tomorrow might be spent. The prospect of hanging with Travis for the next few days makes it all a lot sweeter.


Sigrid said...

Hey chelle!

I’m SO excited for you hearing your baby’s precious little heart for the first time! That’s so incredible! Isn’t it such a miracle?! BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can’t wait to see what the l’il bundle of joy is going to look like!!!

You’re due in September, right? I’d really really really like to throw you a Baby Shower! We can talk more about it when the time comes, but be thinking about what your summer schedule is gonna be like and we can pick a date.

I love you!


P.S. God is good! And your ex-boss is CRAZY!

Miss Alissa said...

I love you two!
So excited!! I showed everyone the sonogram pictures:)

Abby said...

So happy to hear of the new addition to the family!! That's amazing!! Sorry about the other bumps in life. May God be with you in it all!