Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another jaunt to Cleveland...

Michelle and I spent the last couple of days in Cleveland visiting with the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic. They are trying to determine why a 26 year old would have a heart attack, even if the genes are stacked against him.

I visited a vascular medicine specialist, a hematologist/oncologist, and a urologist. Most of the tests are still being analyzed, but there are a couple possibilities for next steps in the process:

1. Perform a spinal tap to evaluate my bone marrow. It is possible that my blood is not being created with the right amount of white/red cells, and this led to my early-onset coronary artery disease.

2. Remove my right kidney. During the initial investigation at the ER, they determined that something was wrong with my right kidney. Subsequent tests have revealed that it is approximately twice the size of a normal kidney and completely non-functional. Urologist #1 in Buffalo said it definitely needed to come out, Urologist #2 in Buffalo said there was no reason for it to come out, and Urologist #3 in Cleveland said it needs to come out. Evidently the outlet of my kidney has plugged up and it has caused the kidney to swell at some time in the past.

We'll be juggling future trips to Cleveland around the REAL important date of September 24. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayer.

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Sigrid said...

AH! this is craziness! Slagle family, please know that the Chapmans are here for you!!!! We love you guys so much! We're praying!