Saturday, August 23, 2008

Playing the Day Away

Ansel is 11 months old. He is very mobile and strong these days. He cruises all over the place and pulls himself up to standing on anything and everything. He is climbing. He is busy. He loves to flip through the pages of books. His latest discovery--the guitar! He strums the strings on the neck when it catches his eye. We can see the hint of a first tooth that has yet to break through! Ansel is changing by the minute--feeding himself, speedily crawling, and watching the world around him with his intense, deep blue eyes.
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Jeremy said...

Travis Slagle, this is your old pal Jeremy. I ran across this great blog of yours and was like, I gotta contact Travis. And Andrew. So email me if you would. If it doesn't show, my email is jlaarman[at-]gmail[dot}com. Talk to you soon!