Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A day at home with Ansel

Ansel is changing quickly. His hair is getting thicker. He continues to make new sounds and puts different syllables together. He plays independently and babbles. Ansel enjoys scratching different fabrics and surfaces. He seems to like the noises it makes. His hands mesmerize him. Frequently, he will stare at them and seems fascinated with their movement. Ansel is truly a joy to watch.

Travis is in beautiful Redondo Beach, CA this week. Please pray for safe travels as he is away.
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theballroom said...

Eliza was just doing the hand thing a couple of weeks ago. It seemed like all of the sudden she realized she had hands and that she could make them move. Pretty funny

Michelle said...

Isn't it cool when they do that? I love it!

Sheree said...

Coming up on 6 months!!!! I love the newest pics on your Picasa, Michelle, he is front & center on my desktop! Just seeing that hair changes the way he looks!! Missed talking to you over the weekend, didn't know Travis was heading west. I keep saying this but...we have to do a webcam, soon!!! Miss all of you so much. Have you tried that soup yet? I have been in a recipe rut lately, need to try some new ones. Have a blessed day, Love, Sheree