Monday, May 26, 2008

8 months old!

Ansel is 8 months old...and he doesn't have a single tooth yet. He is actually a very good eater and at the moment he is diggin' bananas and peas. He is a very curious boy, getting into things multiple times a day. Soon enough we will have to glue everything to the ceiling. Good thing we are moving next week. We can childproof things a bit more from the start. Ansel is clapping frequently. He is thrilled when he is jumping in his jumperoo. Ansel is doing some scooting, but no crawling quite yet. He lights up when you smile at him. He loves his daddy's fun-loving, silly, playful nature. He usually is all laughs when Travis is near.

Speaking of Travis, he is away camping with college buddies this weekend and he flew off of his bike on Saturday and ended up in the ER. Apparently he "disrupted the joint between his collar bone and shoulder." We are so grateful that it wasn't more serious, but also would appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery and safe travels home.
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theballroom said...

Don't feel too bad, Eliza is going to be 10 months next week and there is no sign of a single tooth. It really hasn't stopped her from eating everything in site, grilled cheese, pizza crust, chicken whatever she can get her hands on. She actually just started really crawling today. She has been scooting and doing the army crawl for about 6 weeks now but she got up on her knees today.

Michelle said...


Sheree said...

You know that Travis didn't crawl "normally"?? (And I had a helpful friend who shared about how crawling was vital for brain development, blah, blah. Yeah, Travis has brain issues, sure) He did the army crawl and then started pulling up and of course, then walking. At some fairly appropriate age. Not at 9 mos like Seth was, ha. It just goes to show how unique God made each one of us, doesn't it?? Hey, I found a kitchen sink in Chicago on ebay, um, pickup only. You guys want to grab that on your way through?? silly me. Have a great weekend! MOM