Friday, February 09, 2007

kidney update

I visited the urologist this morning, expecting to find out many wonderful things about my cystic and oversized right kidney. While in the hospital I had been told that three diagnoses were possible:

a) Congenital problem, was born with a kidney that was partially obstructed. Obstructed kidneys swell up like balloons.

b) I developed a partial blockage at some point in my life, and then the aforementioned swelling began.

c) The cystic tissue is cancer. Yeah!

According to the doctor I saw in the hospital almost 2 months ago, any of the three options would mean a removal of my kidney in the future. This was due to the possibility of the kidney rupturing during an auto accident, etc. They would wait until I had recovered from my heart problems before removing (probably a year or so.)

However, the doctor I saw this morning labeled it as option A and said there was no reason to remove it. He is a more senior physician that the doctor I saw in the hospital and said he is very sure that this is a congenital condition. Come back in six months for a checkup.

This should have made me feel better, but for some reason it did not.


Jim Purcell said...

This last year, Psalm 23 has been almost constant on my mind. I'd suggest it.

Miss Alissa said...

I love you!